The Reeded Edge Returns to the Homefront After Back-to-Back Shows

As the old saying goes, there is no place like home. This is especially true coming on the heels of successive weeks on the road. Last week’s North Carolina Numismatic Association’s Annual Convention was pretty much as expected. The crowds were decent, and the seller’s plentiful. But, absent was the quality retail buyer. This show just does not seem to garner this sector, at least not in the numbers that other shows of comparable size do. Despite this noticeable void, the guys still reported a solid show. This was especially true from a buying perspective. Although there were few really marquis coins from Charlotte, there were definitely numerous purchases, In all, the quantity of material may have actually eclipsed the prior week’s VNA show in Fredericksburg. Of special note, was a large raw collection, which should be featured shortly on our TRECOINS eBay store. For those of you new here, we do not list any raw coins in our online store, on our REEDEDEDGE eBay account, in Coin World or Numismatic News, on Collector’s Corner or our regular published price list (both electronic and print). This is just one more reason why collectors of raw coins should make a point to visit our TRECOINS eBay store. With two weeks in the office before heading to Pittsburgh for the PAN Show, we hope to be playing a lot of catch-up, including listing many of the coins which have been sitting idle in our vault for the past several weeks. To put it in plain terms, we BETTER get caught up, because another large collection is looming in the very near future. With the help of our first-rate office staff, we know that we will get it done without missing a beat. Next week, we will be featuring an in-depth look at the early fall coin market, so please stay tuned.