The Reeded Edge Heads to Philadelphia for The A.N.A. World’s Fair of Money

PA_Convention_Center_1993_HighsmithIt’s hard to believe that it’s that time of year again for the granddaddy of coin shows. It seems like just yesterday that we were across the country in Denver, and viola, that same show is upon us again. Fortunately, this year’s venue is conveniently located in Philadelphia, which translates to a driving show for us. Of course the show we allude to is The A.N.A. World’s Fair of Money at the Philadelphia Convention Center in downtown Philadelphia. A consortium of dealers from all around the world will converge on Philadelphia for five full days of numismatic trading. The show kicks off on Tuesday morning for dealers and then opens to the public at 1:00 PM. The Reeded Edge will have all hands on deck. In addition to Rob and Robbie, our booth will be staffed by several other competent and recognizable numismatists, including Miguel Lopez, Rory Shelby and Ron Iliffe. Just look for The Reeded Edge’s large BUYING, BUYING, BUYING sign, located front-right and center from the main entrance, and visible from most vantage points on the bourse floor. Our booth is a forward-facing, end cap, tables #333 and #432. We will have thousands of numismatic and related items available for sale, including many pieces never seen before. The A.N.A. is a special show, and so is the mix of coins and collectibles that we bring to it. We strongly urge a stop at The Reeded Edge booth to take it all in. Monday, you will find The Reeded Edge trading at the PNG Pre-Show (at the same location). Although considered more of a wholesale trading day, this venue is still open to the public and serves as a great opportunity to get a little of our time and attention before things get crazy at the main event. The guys will be aggressively buying throughout both shows, and their usual open checkbook policy will be in full force. IMPORTANT: If you need to get hold of Rob or Robbie during next week’s show, you may call either on their cell phones; Rob’s number is (240) 422-0118 and Robbie’s number is (301) 876-1332.