Summer Settles in as Coin Market Goes on Cruise Control

The temperatures have really heated up here in the mid-Atlantic, leaving no doubt what time of year it is. For those of you that take your indicators from sources other than the calendar, we point to the coin market, which seems to have gone into seasonal hibernation. To be perfectly clear, the market is not inactive, it’s just less active than it was. For the last several weeks, we have noted how the market had felt unusually robust, and that anomaly seems to have gone into a more predictable holding pattern. This week, we bought several collections of lower-priced collector coins, which are selling like snow cones at a little league game. Perhaps this is the type of material perfectly suited for present market conditions. More expensive coins have notably slowed down, and we would be surprised if that trend reversed before the fall. After over 3 decades in the coin business, these seasonal cycles have become fairly predictable. Consequently, we are not at all alarmed. Precious metals continue their strength, and we see no indication that will change anytime soon. At the very least, metals serve as an attention getter for the numismatic sector of the market. We remain aggressive about buying affordable collector coins. When it comes to acquiring fresh coins, especially at that sweet spot price-point, we are keeping our foot on the gas pedal (and pen on the checkbook) throughout the summer. The absence of national coin shows is still being felt. We have our reservation whether we will see anything in that regard until 2021 FUN. Once major shows are allowed to resume, demand may shift back to the higher end material. For the time being, we wait with baited breath and fingers crossed. We hope that everyone is enjoying their summer. Most importantly, stay healthy and safe.