Baltimore Proves to be a Blockbuster Despite Challenging Circumstances

Aside from FUN and the summer ANA’s World’s Fair of Money, there is not a better coin show in the country than Baltimore. This played out once again for us last week, as we had a steady and profitable five days of trading. The robust pace of Baltimore is a pleasant exception to coin shows of late. We have noticed a trend where trading has moved online. For whatever reason, this trend does not seem to affect Baltimore. Although attendance in general may have been lighter than last year’s winter show, the people who did show up proved to be serious customers. In all, The Reeded Edge traded near half a million dollars worth of rare coins, not too shabby for less than a week’s work. It should also be noted that gold had a sharp fall, as March came in like a lamb. This could have adversely affected the show, but retails sales actually increased on Saturday. Some things defy logic and conventional thinking, and the consistency of The Whitman Baltimore Coin Show is one. Hats off to the folks at Whitman who work so hard to insure that this show is a perennial success. Once again, we applaud a job well done!