The Reeded Edge Returns From a Successful Atlanta National Money Show

The feedback from dealers attending The National Money Show in Atlanta was somewhat uniform. The show was solid but not overwhelming. This is a show that we approach with tempered expectations, and using that benchmark, proved to be better than expected. Wholesale business was fairly strong, especially when considering that this show started a mere four days after the quintessential Long Beach Coin Expo concluded. Many of the same dealers attended both venues, so this activity was a pleasant surprise. Another potentially negative factor was the major correction in metals prices. Although it would be naive to think that falling gold and silver had no impact on the show, the collateral damage seemed minimal. What did lack at the show, was a serious retail contingent. A few high-level collectors could be spotted around the bourse floor (after all, this was an ANA sponsored show), but after talking to several, it became apparent that most had spent their money at last week’s Long Beach show and/or at the corresponding Heritage auction. Buying throughout the show was more robust than expected, and at the end of the day, it is this element that dictates our show’s success. PCGS, although not conducting on-site grading, was gracious enough to extend the previous week’s show grading specials. The difference was that submissions were taken back to their home office and graded in California at the beginning of the week, in lieu of on-premises in Atlanta. We took advantage of this PCGS special, and submitted several dozen of our Atlanta new purchases for grading. Most of these coins should be returned to us later this week, so, stay tuned for another potential round of new material. Several of our regular customers made a point of stopping by our booth and saying hello throughout the show. It is always good to see old faces, as well as meeting new ones for the first time. We did a little of both. Up next for us will be The Whitman Baltimore Coin Show. This is always one of our most important shows of the year, as we have a strong local contingent of customers that call the DC/Baltimore areas home. We always look forward to this show with great anticipation, and given the current state of the collector coin market, this one could be really good. Just as FUN serves as the break-out show for the new year, spring Baltimore can also define the coin market for the next couple of months moving forward. Rob and Robbie will be at their booth to meet and greet for the show’s duration, but more about this event next week. For the time being, we will be concentrating on getting our Atlanta new purchases listed for sale on the web store, Collector’s Corner and eBay. Several sizable new deals purchased through our office will also be making their store debut. In summation, there will be no shortage of coins at The Reeded Edge anytime soon!