The Reeded Edge Returns from a Successful NCNA Show

Coin shows anymore are like walking up to the craps table; one never knows how the dice will fall. There are however some shows that have enough history and tradition that a certain expectation follows. The NCNA, unfortunately, is not such a show. The show has struggled for identity and stability as it has moved across the North Carolina state map. The one thing we will say for the sponsoring North Carolina Numismatic Association is that their effort has consistently been there. This year was the second consecutive time that this event was held at The Cabarras Convention Center in Concord, NC. Hopefully, this marks the beginning of the stability that this coin show so desperately needs. Although we heard numerous complaints about the overall quality of the public crowd, we prospered from networking with our southern friends and encouraging them into the show. To those of you that did show up on our behalf, thank you! Overall, we thought this year’s NCNA event was solid and marked a stark improvement from years past. We bought and sold almost equally throughout the show, which is the balance that we always strive for. Although the convention center’s location is admittedly remote, it is still within 10 miles of Concord’s population center. Hopefully, with ample marketing, and by continually building on their dealer base, this show will be able to prosper and succeed. As we have stated in previous commentaries, coin shows are faced with growing challenges every year. Overcoming them requires work, diligence and commitment, three things we believe are core values of The NCNA. Our best wishes and continued support go out to them moving forward.