The Reeded Edge Needs to Buy Your Coins!

With the prospect of no coin shows until possibly February, we feel like we are back to square one. Thankfully, we have been down this road once before, so we’re not totally ill prepared for it. Coins continue to sell briskly, which puts increased pressure on keeping our shelves stocked. Presently, we have targeted needs for virtually all U.S. collector coins in the $100-$10,000 price range. In addition, we can always use ANY Pre-1954 PCGS/NGC coins, collections, inheritances,  and larger accumulations. We also could use fresh currency deals, and will pay aggressively. In short, if it’s numismatic, The Reeded Edge wants to be your go-to dealer. Our open checkbook policy is now in effect, so please call 888-856-COIN or email for our immediate offer.

A NOTE ABOUT SHIPPING: The Reeded Edge takes shipping very seriously, and expedites all parcels out of our office within one business day of receiving your paid-in-full order. Unfortunately, this is where our control of your shipment stops. The USPS has been experiencing quite a few shipping problems, including slow-downs and packages getting routed incorrectly. We are finding that 1st Class postage is the most problematic. If time is of essence, we highly encourage you to consider upgrading your shipping to Priority Mail, Express Mail, UPS or FedEx.

The coin market continues to steadily push forward. Although this week has had a rather flat feel to it, the orders still keep coming. The bulk of activity seems to still be centered around affordable collector coins. There will be a multitude of numismatic auctions in January and February which will test the upper end of the market. Most likely, these advanced collectors are remaining on the sidelines until then. Just about all other high-end collectibles, from vintage baseball cards to rare stamps, seems to be flourishing now; we see no reason that coins will be an exception.

This has been an incredibly challenging year for all of us. We hope that you and yours are navigating through these uncharted waters, and wish you continued joy, health and happiness throughout this holiday season