Another Interesting Week in the Coin Business-Coin Shows on the Horizon?

All of the previous weeks’ blogs where we hypothesized that numismatic activity was somehow tied to bullion, lost validity this week. Metals were for the most part vacillating between flat to bearish for the better part of the week, with some sell-offs and weakening premiums both evident. Numismatic coins however defied that trend. The phones were as busy as any week in the last quarter, with our inventory boxes all getting emptier. As fast as a new deals would come in the front door, orders would outpace them out the back door. This really has become a numismatic seller’s market. That’s provided of course that a seller can muster up enough coins to keep this process going. It’s been a challenge, and perhaps no more so, than in the last two weeks. As we have stated on numerous occasions, coin show are integral to our supply chain. In an average year, they account for almost 40% of the coins that we purchase. But this last year has been anything but average. With the level of activity right now, we dealers are in dire need of coin shows. Hopefully, these become a regular part of our routine again soon.

Speaking of coin shows, we do have several hopefuls on the horizon, and could be filling in some dates soon on our Coin Show Schedule. Tentatively, both the upcoming Tennessee State Show and The Central States Numismatic Convention both look to be green-lighted. But then, we have built up expectations on numerous occasions over the last several months, only to see a show cancelled at the last minute. So, we are going to refrain from using the word definite until we see a more convincing trend. COVID is still a very fluid situation, and although there is great reason for optimism on the horizon, we are not there yet. We do firmly believe that at some point this year we will see the regular resumption of coin shows, and a sense of normalcy return to all of our lives. That day can not come soon enough!