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Walking Liberty Set Tough Enough to be Fun

from NUMISMATIC NEWS February 11, 2003 Written by Paul M. Green There are not many coins of the United States which really deserve to have their design used a second time, but few could question the decision to use A.A. Weinman’s Walking Liberty half dollar again for the obverse of the silver American Eagle. The […]

Coin Show Confidential

from NUMISMATIST magazine January,2003 Written by Steven K. Ellsworth Willie Sutton, one of the most notorious bank robbers of all time, once was asked why he targeted banks. He replied, “That’s where the money is!” Todays thieves need not aim so high. They can find millions of dollars’ worth of easily accessible coins and currency […]

Set Your Goal, Set Your Limits and Go For It

from NUMISMATIC NEWS February 4,2003 We’ve editorialized from time to time over the years about the concept of having a hobby budget. Our readers are probably well aware that a budget is something that is easier said than done. With routine items, it is easy to budget. You can figure out how much food your […]

First Small Cent Special for Many Reasons

from NUMISMATIC NEWS February 4,2003 Written by Paul M. Green For the collector today a Flying Eagle cent collection might seem a bit short on total number of coins, but what it lacks in total numbers it makes up in terms of historical value. Whether considered an addition to an Indian Head cent collection, which […]

The Louis Eliasberg, Sr. Sale- A Personal Perspective

by Robert Lehmann The dust has settled and the numismatic event of our lifetime has concluded. As I sit here in the airport waiting to catch a flight to my next destination, I am acutely aware of how physically tired and emotionally exhausted my 37-year-old body is. For the last 4 days, I have heard […]

We do NOT protect the guilty!

June 13, 2017 – This goes out to the few of you that think it’s OK to abscond with our coins, money or both. NEWS FLASH – This is called stealing, and will not be tolerated. We want to let our position on this type of activity be known. First, we will prosecute you to the full […]

Our Thoughts on Reselling Auction Coins

April 13, 2017 – We wanted to take a moment to discuss a very important part of our business plan. In the coin business, we are judged by our peers in a number of different areas including the diversity and scope of our inventory, our expertise in the field of numismatics, and perhaps most importantly our […]

Discount Coupons on the Webstore

April 13, 2017 – Recently, The Reeded Edge suspended the use of 10% off coupons in lieu of a system of net pricing. Through the feedback of our customers, we found that most people preferred  discounts to be everyday rather than exclusionary. Consequently, we lowered prices throughout the store and did away with the coupons. We did […]

Important News for all of our Customers Who Sell on eBay

Feb 28, 2017 – eBay sent a notification to all sellers today of a fee increase effective May 1, 2017. This is a significant increase amounting to almost 10% for top-rated sellers, and approximately 4% for all others. In addition, coins and currency which are presently charged a 6% final value fee for fixed-price listings, […]